Yru the Hunter

Twin Brother of Varla


Slave of Waheed


Yru the Hunter is a Half-Ogre Ranger (uses swords and javelins). As a child, Yru’s tribe was at war with local tribes constantly, the forest had turned into the site of many battles and ambushes, while also being the place where everyone’s livelihoods came from. Yru’s parents raised him to learn the ways of the javelin, of the hunt, and of stealth. At the age of 12, he is tasked with the responsibility of infiltrating the local dwarven camp and to spy, after arriving at their camp he is nearly killed on sight but the tribes leader tells his guards to cease. Yru is held prisoner for at least 4 years before they decide to see if he can be integrated their community. After a while he is tasked to show his skills and usefulness in all manner of martial combat and is taught how to fight with 2 swords (since the puny axes were too small to use). After completely outdoing all of the dwarven soldiers in target tests and spars, he is allowed to live and join the community with more freedoms.
After a six more months of information gathering, he decides to sneak from his camp, he returns to home, or where home once was. What’s left is charred plants and blackened ground, his village had been burned down. Yru examined the area and found bodies of his former family as well as a dozen dwarven corpses. They had done this. In anger, Yru went off to live on his own, realizing he couldn’t take down all the dwarves alone.
After years of isolation, Yru had lived the life of a hunter, using the local forest to make trappings and foraging for food. He uses the natural surroundings to aid him in killing as many dwarven search parties that come into the area. Eventually, strange humans show up in Yru’s area of the woods. Seeing this Yru kills many of them before they flee, the next day, humans arrive in plate armor and plenty of weapons. These humans are city guards, after capturing Yru he is returned to their city where the Mayor decides not to execute him as he was only defending his home. As an act of leniency (in their eyes) they sell him into slavery (to help “educate” the primitive. “For his own good”.)
He is sold into slavery for a period of 5 years max (though he could end it early if he buys his freedom and his master agrees). 
To this day he has an absolute distaste for dwarves and would kill on site if offered the opportunity. He leaves a mark of his former clan on the bodies of any dwarves he kills as a sign of a revenge kill for his clan.

Yru the Hunter

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