The "Contractor"


History of ‘Ven’
Real Name – Ventharian Caladon
Born between 330-342 AC (he is not sure).
Current ‘Handle’ – Ven

Before the Dragon Armies made their presence known, the northern borders of the forest that is home to the Silvanesti had incursions by humanoid troops lead by unknown leaders. Ven and his family were sent north to investigate what was going on and were based out of a hidden outpost further south of the ‘incursions’. While Ven’s parents were on the edges of the forest investigating, the ‘safe’ location where Ven was staying with various servants and guards, came under attack. How the attackers found the location is still unknown, but those not killed during the initial attack were taken as slaves and lead north away from their homeland.

As the years passed, Ven, a midwife and two guards were all that remained of those taken captured that fateful day. To survive Ven learnt Art of the Shadow and the Way of the Elven Blade. These skills have served Ven very well in the intervening years and this lead to Ven being taken away from the life of a slave and placed in the employ of a new master, one with connections to the hidden forces that were working behind the scenes and taking over the Eastern Lands.

One thing Ven has learnt in these lands of ‘humans’ is that money can buy you much power and make your life comfortable, but it is the secrets that people do not want discovered that hold the most power. Ven does not really remember his family; besides family is a weakness that can be used against you and this suits Ven fine at the moment as he believes he is alone. He does the tasks assigned to him by Master Waheed and is rewarded.


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