The Dark Side of Krynn

If Books Could Kill....

5th Session

From the Journal of Evanora


After the incident at the armourer I was ready to move on. We made our way around the market but we couldn’t find another armourer. Ven had the idea of talking to that touchy-feely fruit vendor and it turns out he actually has a business associate. He directs us to the opposite side of the bazaar and we started to head off in that direction. As we were moving through the crowd suddenly I hear Fredrick yell out, ‘Hey, he just took something from Ven’s pocket’. I turn and notice the young man that Fredrick is referring too. Before I can attempt to do anything Ven reacts and throws this bola weapon at the would-be thief that knocks him prone. Then surprisingly it’s Duzret who picks up a nearby chair and throws it knocking the young man out. The young man falls unconscious and Ven reaches him and recovers the items the thief stole. I kneel down and check our thief and he’ll live but I don’t like the way that the chair leg is stuck in his back. Unfortunately I can do nothing about this here and Ven makes the decision to take the thief to the doctor….. Great – another visit with the doctor!

We reach the doctor’s hospice and Ven gets Fredrick and Duzret to take the thief in and the doctor begins to examine the thief while Ven was feeding him some bullshit story.
I take the opportunity to sneak into the back room where the wizard looks to be still unconscious on the far side bed. I look around and notice no one else in the room but I do notice that the nearby chair beside the patient is warm which means that the seeker brother has been here recently.

Not knowing if I will be able to help I still blame myself for this situation and so I attempt to heal him. I lay my hand across his body and unfortunately nothing comes to me as it has with say a cut to know what to do. Still proceeding I channel my power and while the glow happens it enters his body but I can’t notice any immediate change.

Having a random thought I take the book out from its velvet wrap and I wonder if perhaps the power from the book might be inside his body and perhaps bringing the book close it might help.

I bring the book over his body and nothing happens. As I’m considering what to do next my hand holding the book slips and before I have a chance to catch it the book lands on the wizard’s stomach where suddenly there’s a spark and he starts to convulse. (GM: “I will take this opportunity to call BULLSHIT”)

I attempt to get the book off but am thrown back across the room. Ouch. He’s getting worse and so I fey step over to the patient where I try again. By this time Yru had come into the room (after seeing me fly across the room) and enquiries what is going on. I tell him the book is killing him. Seeing now that the book has attached itself to him I use my healing power (full blast) to cauterize his skin between the book and manage to rip it off. Once again being thrown across the room.

As I’m trying to get up off the floor I notice that the wizard has awoken and now stands up looking over at me. What is most disconcerting is that his eyes are completely white.
I realise the book has turned him into undead creature. I warn Yru and he engages the former wizard now undead creature. By this time Ven has come through the door and he also engages the creature.

Without much difficulty we manage to dispatch the creature and as I move towards it to see what happens, Ven calls out to Fredrick and Duzret (who had been outside) to get in here now. I turn towards the outside door when I notice for the first time the seeker brother who had been watching over the wizard, holding a tray of food which a look of shock on his face…. Oh crap! How much did he see?!?!? He starts to turn around but unfortunately for him Fredrick and Duzret happen to be walking through the door from the outside at the time and Duzret punches him in the face and knocks the brother out. With that I explain to Ven what happens and we decide to try and plant it on the brother – turned him into the undead.

The doctor comes running in and he is shocked at the wizard’s body but seems to agree that the undead creature did have to be destroyed. He laughs off our suggestion that it was the seeker brother who created this creature. The Doctor seemed to imply that this brother Jason was new to the calling (and that he had a colourful past).

We’ve put the unconscious brother Jason on one of the other beds and the Doctor leaves to gather his equipment to check the brother over. During this time we discuss what perhaps the Brother saw and I have to honestly tell Ven that I don’t know. Yru then sits and meditates for a moment and he comes out and tells us that the brother saw everything. He also tells us that the book is sending some shadowy presences out and one of them is reaching for the undead body. Realising that it might be attempting to reanimate it, and that I have to destroy the body before anyone can do anything I (somehow the knowledge comes to me) sing a powerful note and suddenly the undead body is set alight.
Fredrick and Duzret unfortunately saw it and both freak out and begin calling me a witch and I’m dangerous. I’m too busy focusing on the body but it seems Yru talked to both Fredrick and Duzret and they calm down (I’m not entirely sure what he said but they seem fine). (GM: all he said was “its cool bro!”) The body has this black smoke vapouring off the body and it makes the whole room smell disgusting.

Yru and Ven discuss the brother and Ven makes the decision that the brother knows too much and that he can’t be allowed to live. I feel conflicted about it. This situation is my fault and he has just got in the way. Ven arranges for a decanter of water next to Brother Jason to be poisoned. He orders Duzret and Fredrick to take the body of the undead out to the incinerator.

The doctor returns and helps to revive Brother Jason. He asks for some water and as planned his drinks it and the acid in the poison eats away at the Brother and he dies (also causing the Doctor to freak out and run). (GM: he doesn’t just die, he dies in extreme pain”)
We decide to leave at that time and head back to the bazaar (it seems that Ven spoke to the thief and is attempting to create thief contacts). As we are heading out I see the Doctor coming back and he has a contingent of seekers (including a high priest in red) heading for the hospice.

This book is incredibly worrisome! Something that creates undead is incredibly dangerous. From what I have read most books of these kind would be bound in black but this green is unusual. What is also unusual is whether this book is arcane or possibly divine in origin. I don’t know what to do but for the moment I will keep the book under wraps.
(GM: “Oh and one thing you notice, there is a piece of the wizards skin burnt onto the front of the book, and it is still juicy.”)

From the Journal of Ven

‘To Find Yandon – Part 1 – Side Tracked!’

Now that I have an idea on ‘whom’ is responsible for the destruction of Master Waheed’s business interests in the city (the two thieves’ guilds are involved, but they appear to be a front for the wealthy nobles and merchants that really run the city) it is time to find Yandon. Unfortunately I have a feeling the third group that is working in the shadows is involved as well, but just do not know how. I think I will try and find out where the Red Sashes are based in the city and see if I can find this ‘Seth’ person.

We decide to go looking for another store so we can get Fredrick his armour but cannot locate any so we end up back at the Farmer’s Market. The farmer I bought the oranges from is still here and has moved on to apples. I buy 6 apples (5 silver), as they do look good, and ask him about the best armourer in the Bazaar. He suggests his business partner (don’t they all) that owns the biggest and best Armourer Emporium in the Bazaar – ‘Armour by Ashley’. The shop is also at the other end of the Bazaar.

We head off (Fredrick is getting antsy again) and on the way I get pick pocketed – ME! I have been so caught up with the others antics and the mission that I have forgotten my basics. Marcus would tell me to centre myself and continue. Fredrick luckily spotted the thief in action and yells a warning; I eventually spot the person and in a flash swing my bolas over my head and throw. The bolas take him around the legs and he falls, while Duzret throws a chair and knocks him out. A quick search gets my money pouch back – the fake one for stealing that is (16 steel) and one other item (plus my bolas). The item is a leather case that holds two vials – the fluid is green in colour and I do not think it is very nice stuff – so I pocket it.

I also realise that this fellow is the thief and not the bag man so I look around and spot a boy that is a younger version of the thief. The boy looks to be about 14 years old. I use sign and tell him to follow us and he disappears into the crowd. I also say loudly that we will take this thief to the hospital for treatment and await the guard.

At the hospital Dr No takes charge of the thief while I wait and look for the kid, telling Duzret and Fredrick to keep an eye out for trouble. Dr No does not seem happy to see us, so I also suggest that ‘Lady Valentine’ check on the wizard (while I stay with the Doctor) in case she can get some information out of the wizard if he is conscious. I don’t say that but hopefully she can think for herself. The waiting continues and then BOOM! There is an explosion from the general area of where the wizard is being treated; I expect the worst and assume ‘Lady Valentine’ did something (stupid). The story I find out later is that the book ‘leapt out of her hands’ and touched the wizard… OMG!!! My associates will be the death of me!!!! Dr No screams ‘what is going on?!? I am trying to work here’ and I say that I will investigate and he need not concern himself – the noise came from ‘outside’ – terrible lie I know but I need to see what is going on first!

The room where the wizard it is where I find Evanora and Yru and they seem to be having a fight with the wizard. I think this is very bad since the wizard has completely white eyes and is looking directly at Evanora. It is also at this point that Evanora says that the ‘wizard’ is now an undead creature. I was wrong; things did just get worst…

Just awesome…

I shoot and hit but the creature but it continues to move forward. Yru attacks in close and hits hard and Evanora casts a spell and knocks the creature back into the wall. Of course the Seeker that was here comes back in and is watching, traumatized as we battle the creature. This is not good, not good at all!

I hit with another bolt and dagger; each coated in a different poison and manage to daze and confuse the undead creature for a bit (which did help us). Yru lost his sword while I called out for help for Duzret and Fredrick. Yru pulls a dagger and leaps back into the fray with the creature and hits twice with his final thrust going up through the jaw and out the top of the head (nice). The fight ends and now Duzret and Fredrick arrive; I tell them to stop the Seeker from running away. ‘He made the undead!’ we say (crap plan but we work with what we have) as the Seeker tries to run. Duzret knocks him unconscious. Dr No then arrives as we take back our weapons and he goes and gets his medical bag to attend to Knuckles. I think Knuckles needs to die as he might have seen too much. I suggest that perhaps Evanora can touch him with the book – that way another undead is killed and proves my point. She did not take the hint.

I check the leather case and the green vials and discover the liquid is a potent acid poison; this gives me an idea; I find a decanter of water and mix is half a vial then pour some of the water into a metal bowl just in case the good doctor needs it to ‘help’ Knuckles (Brother Jason) later. While I do this Yru does some kind of ‘Shaman thing’ and says that the Book has tendrils of darkness trying to get back to the body of the dead wizard; so they burn the body by having Evanora casts a spell in front of Duzret and Fredrick. That goes over like a lead balloon and I can hear comments of ‘witch’ etc. from the room and there is a really bad smelling black smoke coming from the wizard’s body just as I go to see what the Doctor is up to. The burnt body of the wizard is thrown in the incinerator out back but I think that smell will be around for a while.

Things go from bad to worse for the new seeker, Brother Jason, aka Knuckles. Dr No uses the water in the bowl to wipe Knuckles down and then suddenly Knuckles goes in to contractions and blisters and goes crazy. I suggest that perhaps he needs water so the good doctor pours him a cup and this makes this worse! Poor Dr no… if only his friend had not seen too much he would have been allowed to live. As a result Knuckles starts to throw up blood and all manner of bile; Dr No has a fit and runs out of the hospital. I give Knuckles a bit more water (oops!) and he dies. The decanter and bowl are then thrown in the incinerator as well. There is a lot of blood but the mission must continue.

Before leaving I go and see the thief. His name is Leo and he is a Sleeper Agent and his bag man is his younger brother and he will not be coming (though I am sure the boy will for his brother). I introduce myself as a ‘Contractor’ and show the leather case. He has a fit and begs me to give it to him but I convince him that I can help him by completing his mission. If he had not tried to take my money all would have been well. He ponders this for it seems that if he does not complete the mission he and his brother are basically dead. I decide that helping him out makes me a contact and another way in with the Sleepers. Perhaps they will have need of a Contractor in the future.

Leo explains that I am to go to the ‘Grapes of Wrath’ a wine merchant shop and ask to see the ‘Wife’s Owner’ and then I will be told that she has gone shopping. Then a second man will appear from the rear and I will hand him the leather case and then bring back to Leo what he gives me. After all I am ‘Hiro the Contractor’. We leave the hospital and see in the distance Dr No and the Seekers coming down the street (with what appears to be the High Seeker leading the way) – not my concern so we head to the Grapes of Wrath.

The others wait outside while I go in and give the code words and hand over the case. The man I meet is not happy and declares that this is the last time! ‘Tell the Night Master’ that this is the end and that if Leo comes back here I will kick his butt out of my store!’ Not a bright thing to do in my opinion but this is VERY interesting indeed.

From there we go to shop ‘Armour by Ashley’ as Fredrick really, really, really wants his armour. This place has everything – 9 smiths working hard and making ‘to order’ armour and weapons, as well as others doing nothing but repairs. There are also a number of adventurer parties here which means it is a place to shop for good quality gear. An assistant comes over and helps Fredrick choose his new armour, though we do mention NO armour from Solamnia or the Knighthood.

Next Session… To Find Yandon – Part 2

From the Journal of Yru

The Bizarre in the Bazaar
From the moment I entered the city, my trip into the Bazaar, reuniting with the group and our interactions with local shop merchants, I felt out of place and uneasy. The hustle and bustle of the city, and the everyday sounds (white noise to the locals) has put me in such a tense state that I’m constantly on edge and untrusting of anything in this foreign environment. This is my bain and I truly believe I’m doing my best to better understand the ways of the city folk and their need for urban living, however give me the open air and a nice quiet forest where my senses are truly honed and then I would feel at home. In the silence of the forest you can sense your enemies, predators or whatever stalks you in the shadows, however being in this city right now has put me at such a disadvantage that its hard to know which direction your enemy stalks and then it happened, to Ven, where he was caught off guard by a local thief. I couldn’t believe it either, but we were lucky enough that Frederick had a keen eye at that moment to call the thief out and for Ven to react quickly with a strike of his bolas, that tangled the would be thiefs legs. At the same time in coming chair thrown by Duzret had hit the guy square in the back and it was lights out for thief, so we decide to take him to the local infirmary.

While waiting at the infirmary, Evanora goes into the back room to check in on the wizard who had recently been admitted earlier that day. After a few moments, I here a commotion in the room and quickly turn towards the door to see Evanora fly across my line of sight. What the hell is going on!!!! My immediate reaction was to run to the door and determine if Evanora is safe (yes my instincts were for the safety of the woman first!!!! who would have thought). Glancing quickly at Evanora, who was slowly getting back to her feet, I turned my attention to the book that was resting on top of human body which was convulsing wildly. Again, what the hell was happening,!!! With limited knowledge of the possibilities, I can only assume, based my common sense of the situation, that the book was the cause of the pains being inflicted on the human. I decide to go an remove it from his body with my blades, but Evanora appeared over the top in an instant. Another dislplay of magical ability. and therefore decided to trust her judgement in the right way to deal with it. Evanora appears to grab the book with a satin cloth and utters more enchanting words and is again thrown backwards away from the body. But at least this time she has the book in her possession. I focus my attention back to the human who is no longer convulsing, but now standing up and looking devoid of his own free spirit. Something is definitely not right with him as we notice his pupils are dilated and completely white. Ven reaches the doorway entrance, when we all decide to confront the creature. Wielding my weapons I charge into melee range with creature, after Ven has hurt it with a well precise throw of his dart (although I don’t believe for one second the a puny weapon could caused that much pain. I’m thinking there must be something else on those darts). I score a couple of good strikes before its back at me with a shadowy mind attack which is quite painful and remains linked to me. The battle was quick and I recall losing my main weapon when an opportunity presented itself, so I resorted to pulling my dagger out and jumping back in for a final strike that wounds it fatally and I drIve my dagger up through its skull for good measure.

With adrenaline coursing through my veins, I turn back to the group and notice one of the carers has entered and looks absolutely shocked at scene before him. By this time Ven had already called out for Frederick and Duzret to assist, where they block the mans exit and Evanora points at him and says “He did it”. Duzret knocks him out and all I can think of doing is finding if this man had seen the whole episode. So I decide to use my clan totem and meditate. As I enter my “out of body” moment, the first thing that catches my eye is the brightness of the book under Evanoras cloth (as well as something on Vens belt, hmm interesting) and shadow tendrils the writhe around her to get to the slain human. It appears that it still has some type of corporeal link to body it had touched. I move through the process of time and discern that the carer had been at the doorway the whole time. I tell Evanora that she must keep the book away from the body as it is still trying to create a link with it. Instantly and before everybodies eyes she casts a fire spell and alights the body in magical flame. I can tell the other guys are shocked by Evanoras display of magic, so I tell them “It’s all good, the Master knows”. They feel much more at ease with that explanation. I’m sure Evanora appreciated the support during that crucial time in our limited time together, but truth be known, I needed to remove any thoughts of any internal conflicts within the group that would affect the outcome of the mission.


Yes both ‘punts’ from the book resulted in the back of my dress ripping. So currently I have a chap of ass-less situation…

If Books Could Kill....

Well well well – when will Evanora mention the skin on the book… another Oops moment there i see coming!

If Books Could Kill....

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