Fredrick De Moore

Warrior working with Evanora and Ven


Warrior rescued by Ven and employed by Waheed


The Journal of Fredrick DeMoore

Today I buried my father. There was only the priest and myself at the burial pyre. He had insisted on being burial as per the edicts of the Solamnic Knights. Because you see my father was once a Solamnic Knight. Why he would choose this death ritual after what they did to him is beyond me.
I was barely a babe when we had fled Solamnia, after the knights had come to arrest my father for treason. We had escaped east. Unfortunately during the journey we had lost mother to an attack by peasants who after seeing father’s armour had chased us out of the inn we had been trying to stay at for the night. Father never really recovered after that.
He managed to keep it together for the first few years until I was able to help around the house, unfortunately in the last 3 years it had been all on me to work and support the family as my father had been reduced to a melancholy trance. Recently the only time I was ever able to get him out of his stupor was when we weapon practiced or when he would tell me stories of tactical fights of the knights.
My father was a shell of a man after what the knights had done to him and I want to make them pay. Also those peasants in that village who caused my mother’s death, I have trained these many years so that when I can I will have my revenge on them too.
With father’s passing I can now head off my quest to become a great and powerful warlord and have an army at my disposal to destroy the knights and their serfs once and for all.
I have since left our meager home and have started on my quest to gain power and glory. I’ve got my first billet. I’m escorting a man to Lemish. From what I’m learnt he perhaps should have recruited more men as he doesn’t seem the military sort but he says we’ll be fine. I’m hoping for an easy job as my first.

Fredrick De Moore

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