The Dark Side of Krynn

The Plot Thickens

4th Session

The Plot Thickens from the Journal of Ven

Evanora explains that she was once at a Seeker gathering \ function (?) where the Upper Echelon burnt a ‘Witch’ during a ceremony – seems she may have had some history with the poor women you died. This does explain why she almost lost her temper at Brother’s Anthony and Carlos and had to step in. Just before we get up to leave I see a Kender walks behind Evanora and I say to her is anything missing (no) – got your key (no)! Damn it! We go up and check her room and I have to pick the lock to get in – nothing appears to be missing. Evanora goes back downstairs and ends up paying two steel to get the key replaced and to pay for a new room. Funny really.

Now with breakfast out of the way, lodging secured and our packs stowed away, we head back out into the city towards the Bazaar. This might give us an opportunity to discover what has been happening. At least I now know why the shipments have not made their way to Lemish. My Master’s business enterprise in this city is no more. Now to find out ‘why’ it happened and what happened to Yandon. Hopefully Yru will catch up with us soon.
The Bazaar is huge and we start to look around for Yru and to see what is for sale. Because CraftHaven is also a port city there is a lot of items available that you would not normally see. I tell the others to also keep an ear out for the local rumours and gossip. We come across a farmer selling oranges and rock melons. We chat and start to get some information and find out that food is being bought in bulk – almost for an army but luckily there are none… that we know of. I continue chatting with the George the Fruit Vendor and end up buying a dozen oranges (1 STEEL each!) and 2 Rock Melons for 1 silver each. ‘Lady Valentine’ gets a free one.

After purchasing the oranges we find out that Yandon has not been seen in the Bazaar for some time and the farmer did not know that Yandon’s Trading Post was closed and boarded up. He does say that Yandon LOVES playing craps and can normally be seen at the Gambling Boar every night. The farmer explains that he once saw Yandon place a 5000 steel bet at craps and loose! George lastly tells us about a trader named Maurice that has a trading post in the Bazaar; he might know about Yandon. There is a healer \ hospital about two isles over that uses Fire Heart in its processed form and using potions to help the sick for a price. And just before we leave George he tells us that Fire Heart comes from the cliffs near the beach and adventurers go in to mine it a lot. There is a story that talks about a group of 10 dwarves from the Kaoland Mtns going in and only one coming out. Though that ‘1’ became rich!

We walk around a bit more and then Durzet spots Yru! We move to a quieter part of the Bazaar and Yru fills us in on what happened to him since we left The Wayfarer Inn. Yru found the site where his brother died and there was only Varla’s head on a spike there. In the general area of the fight, three riders had arrived before the hobgoblins. Two riders went one way and the hobgoblins followed; obviously after they killed Varla, while the third rider went another direction, towards the watch tower used by the Red Sashes. Yru also says that a person called Olaf (a butcher) panicked when Yru asked him about Yandon; Olaf closed up shop and refused to speak with Yru. Instead Yru followed Olaf back to his home ‘just in case’ we want to ‘talk’ to him.

While Yru followed the third rider’s tracks he came across the bodies of a number of dead humans with Red Sashes. A creature (or creatures) on foot with claws for feet (that is strange) and there were dead humans in this murder site – the clawed feet went to a point and then just disappeared. Yru marked it with a Ranger’s Mark in case we ever want to go and look at it. At one point as we are walking, 8 wagons full of food are moving towards another part of the city. Special product for someone but we do not for sure.

Duzret says ‘there is a gnome watching us’ and all turn and look at him. The gnome runs off into the crowd and Yru explains that he meet the gnome just inside the city gates and wanted to show Yru where the best butcher was but Yru refused. Seems Yru might have upset the gnome – we will keep an eye out for the gnome. Of course it is not good that Duzret that spotted the gnome and I did not! One thing all this talk has proven to me is that there is a third party at work in the background – could be these lizard type creatures be this mysterious group?

We continue shopping for items ‘Lady Valentine’ is after – pay 5 steel for an upmarket necklace and then go to a silk merchant to get a shawl that will give Lady Valentine a distinctive look (+1 Diplomacy). The conversation goes from bad to worse and as I do not want to break cover I cannot stop ‘Lady Valentine’ from doing something (in my opinion and that is what matters!) REALLY stupid!!! The bullshit stops and Lady Valentine puts the magical book down as collateral with 30 steel – FUCK ME – this man Treydar will die and he will not be hanging on to the book at all after the next day. We continue shopping (Fredrick is bored) and get shoes, a sturdy pair of boots all for 1 steel.

We then head to Maurice’s Trading Emporium. There are two people out the front selling common items but inside the open warehouse are a lot of goods to sale. A large ‘Big Human’ stands inside the door and watches everyone that enters. Maurice’s has lots of items and goods to take dungeoneering. There is also a glass box \ display cabinet and inside it is a large chunk of Fire Heart.

Maurice comes over and explains that he does not sell the Fire Heart – Adventuring Halls do contracts for all the Fire Heart and when we mention Yandon’s and he spits at the name – all the Fire Heart did go through Yandon but not anymore. Maurice says someone came for Yandon and now Yandon has not been seen since. (Gain a Free Tinder Box which I pocket). Once Yandon’s monopoly was broken the other merchants put adventurers into the caverns to get more Fire Heart – many die but those that survive are rich and the merchants get their Fire Heart.

Maurice also adds that if we go to the Adventurers Hall ask for Athart – tell him Maurice sent you. If you take a job for the Hall you get paid daily and keep what you find except the Fire Heart. When we finish up talking with Maurice, across the road we see the gnome and this time he talks to us – he thinks he knows what we are here for – Fire Heart Adventuring – he could not be more wrong but let him think that. He introduces himself as Dingo.

Dingo reckons he has a map that ‘came’ into his possession of where the Fire Heart is located in the caverns; it is also written in dwarven. Dingo is willing to talk price – 50 steel but we get to view the map first. The map should be okay looking but really old. We pay 5 Steel not as a deposit but as a ‘job for hire’. I ask Dingo to watch the silk merchant Treydar for us and to report back at the Happy Harpy Inn the next morning for breakfast and we will view the map (and see if it is legit). Dingo takes us on a circular route; he moves a panel to show us a back alley that we can take around the Bazaar – we can use these alleys to get around if necessary (Well I will!).

Back at the inn we get cleaned up and wait for evening. Lady Valentine gets the pamper package that costs a steel. As we leave everyone looks at ‘Lady Valentine’ and her bodyguards. I walk along behind and eventually we arrive at the Gambling Boar – there are guards in white and blue with clubs; we leave our ‘weapons’ at the door but they do not pat us down. There are skimpily dressed women with food and drinks (free) and inside are mostly merchants of both sexes. There are bets on arm wrestling, a fight club, cock fighting (out the back), craps and card game. You name it, it is bet upon here. Lady Valentine takes off her hood and gets lots of looks, but as most are hard core gamblers they get back to their games.

We split up and I look around for Yandon in the craps area, but I also want to see who is watching whom. Are there factions here amongst the gamblers? And what happens to those that break the rules? How quick does the establishment deal with cheaters and those that do not gamble? Well I get my answer pretty quick as a patron that is not gambling gets chucked out. Lady Valentine is invited upstairs to talk to the owner; I continue to look around and do a little bit of gambling. I lose 3 steel but do not stand out in the crowd and are left along.

Fredrick wins big – 1000 steel and we manage to get him to not lose it all. He gets a promissory note to take to the money lenders tomorrow before hitting the Bazaar tomorrow. Lady Valentine wins 250 steel at cards against a normal group of gamblers and pays back the 50 Steel credit she was offered. After a couple of hours we leave and are met outside by an apparent Lieutenant of the local Thieves Guild. We come to an arrangement with the guild – we will not steal here and if we need to talk to them go to the Toadstool (as for Bubba) or Wulfe’s.

Back at the inn ‘Lady Valentine’ puts 20 steel down on the bar and it is free drinks for all. Evanora and I go upstairs and we come across the kender again, search him, but find nothing of ours. We do find a key to Room six. It is not his room… he found it. I go down and pretend to be ‘drunk’ and knock at the door and listen. There is some noise from inside but no answer. Room 6 belongs to a large Ergrothian male – he goes to the door and cannot find his key so goes back downstairs to get another key. Later the Ergothian comes back up to his room and goes inside and talks to someone or something in the room. That night I watch from my window and see two people watching the inn again and they appear to be the same two as before. Interesting.

The next day I go down and check the alley where I had seen the pair, but this time I collect some of the sand for further investigation. Evanora says the sand has residual magic from teleportation. While we are eating breakfast Dingo arrives with the map and a report from the previous day and night. It appears Treydar had the book looked at and a poor wizard was knocked unconscious (fool). Treydar then had the book moved to another location with a merchant he knows and has it hidden under his cart. Dingo also says that Treydar has hired a mercenary and is planning to ‘shake us down’ (Treydar is a fool). Dingo then brings out the map for us to look at while he eats.

Yru then checks out the map – there is something wrong with it. The script is wrong and it is about 5 years old. I hold it up to the light and can tell it is fact a fake. Dingo is not happy at all with the result but I suggest he could do some work for us. A small retainer of 3 steel helps Dingo to decide on his best course of action since we are not going to by the map.
Dingo then shows us the merchant associate of Tryedar and Dingo says he is known to the merchant. This works out well as we use Dingo and then Lady Valentine to act as decoys while I get the book back (finally!) from under the cart. We then head back to the silk merchant Treydar and chit chat before getting back the ‘velvet case’ and leave letting Treydar think he has been successful in ‘keeping the book’. We then go to the healer \ hospital location to see if we can check out the wounded wizard that was knocked unconscious. Dingo will watch the merchant that should have the book, to see when he heads back to Treydar or vis-versa, and then to catch up with us and let us know the outcome at the hospital \ healer.

At the hospital is a tent \ recovery area and a large main residence where the healer is located. Lady Valentine tries to bluff the doctor of the establishment (Dr. No) but she has to cut to the chase and explain that the merchant brought this upon the wizard. No she is not one of the Tower Wizards. Currently ‘Knuckles’, Brother Jason of the Seeker (that was his name of the ‘Brother’ when the Doctor grew up with him) is giving ‘healing’ to the wizard. Seems the wizard has been in a coma since the explosion. The Seeker will fail of course in this healing as the wizard will not be worthy.

We also ask about the Fire Heart potions – Dr No has the plants specially treated and made into potions by a local apothecary. After the attack by the Hobgoblins was defeated (or was it??) there was a plague that killed about 300 people to start with before the good doctor got on top of it. A merchant (Yandon) was the big cheese that once controlled all things associated with the Fire Heart, but he was removed by the two thieves’ guilds in the city. Once guild is called SPECTRE (they took out Yandon) and now have the lion’s share of the Fire Heart. The SLEEPERS are the other thieves’ guild. Seems both groups have put Yandon in hospital a number of times in the weeks after the plague. Dr No said he last saw Yandon around 4 weeks ago; Yandon also has a house in the noble area of the city.

We wait for Dingo to return to us – he explains that the merchant eventually looked under the cart and discovered no book, freaks out (takes a little chest) and heads to Treydar. The pair has an animated conversation and yell at each other before taking off in different directions. Dingo says that the Toadstool is owned by the Merchant Thieves’ Guild, SPECTRE. I personally do not think they tried to sell the book (yet) to either guild or any nobles of the city; Treydar came across as a person that did not plan ahead well and liked to think he was smarter than he actually was. The pair would have wanted us to be long gone from the city before they would sell the book.

I think it is time to find Yandon’s house in the noble quarter – Dingo will go off later to find out where the house is, as he can gather the information we need without it coming back to us. From there we head to the money lender to change Fredrick’s promissory note so he can buy his armour. 300 steel and 7 x100 steel in gems. We go to a few armourers in the Bazaar and eventually find what Fredrick wants – 300 steel straight up and he does not haggle (no sense that man) and as he goes to make the transaction Evanora points out that it is an old set of Knight of Solamnia engraved. Fredrick stops, puts on his gauntlet and smacks the armourer in the face and goes stupid!! Yru pins him after Durzet hits him with a shield and we eventually get Fredrick calm. Seems Fredrick HATES the Knights of Solamnia.
We close the tent with Duzret on guard and Dingo’s eyes almost pop from his head as Evanora HEALS the armourer – Dingo’s jaw drops and I tell him to shut the hell up. Fredrick says he refuses to wear anything to do with the Knights of Solamnia. Yru spends 100 steel on a masterwork bastard sword and we get a dagger thrown in for free to clear up yet another mess by my associates.

Now it appears I have an idea on who is responsible for the destruction of Master Waheed’s business interests in the city. The two guilds are involved, but they appear to be a front for the wealthy nobles and merchants that really run the city. And I have a feeling the third group that is working in the shadows is involved as well but just do not know how. Will also have to find out where the Red Sashes were travelling to and you this ‘Seth’ person is.

Next Session… To Find Yandon

From the Journal Evanora

While we are having a quick snack at the bakery I take the opportunity to try and explain why I faulted around the seekers. I tell Ven and Fredrick about my experience at the Ergothian Gala substituting my events for ‘a friend’. They seem to buy it and for once I’m pleasantly surprised they didn’t show any negative response to the term ‘Witch’.

During our conversation Ven motions that a kender just walked past me. I didn’t understand what he meant as I have never heard of a kender before but he says they take things. Not stealing it’s just a thing that they do. I immediately check my pockets and I notice that my room key is missing! The kender seems to have gone up the stairs to the inn’s rooms and I chase after him. Ven follows. I check my room and it’s still locked. Ven lock-picks it (handy skill). Inside my room my packs are all here. Knowing it’s not safe I head down to the barkeep and unfortunately this fellow is not the nice one I met earlier. He is rough and says that a new key is 1 steel. A new room change also 1 steel. Knowing I can’t trust my stuff to be safe I pay the money and move into room 3.

Ven says we should start out in the great bazaar and I agree (as I have some items I’m interested in buying).

I ask about the eggs and it seems Ven implies that all the property we found at Yandon’s is the masters….. Really…. I explain that the eggs are too dangerous to try and transport back and he finally relents and agrees to sell them. I ask about the gambling house and Ven agrees that we should check it out. I recommend this evening as it will be easier to hopefully find information. Ven considers it but he says he wants to see how our trip to the Bazaar goes first.

We proceed towards the large market and at this time early in the morning the main stock being moved is fresh fruit. It seems there is an orange shortage at the moment and the price is 1 steel each!!! Ven strikes up a conversation with a fruit vendor by the name of George and manages to gather some information about the city. He found out that the city was attacked by Hob-goblins who were extremely organized. They had a trebuchet and even a ram!

We head further into the Bazaar and find a vendor that is selling monkeys. I approach and we barter over the spiders. It’s easy to see that he doesn’t know anything about them and he tries to ridiculously low amount. I want to leave and try somewhere else but his attitude changes and he tries to imply that we aren’t leaving and will only do busy with him. I look to Ven and he nods implying that we need to drag this out. I tell him more about the spider’s poison, and tell him he needs to improve his offer. We eventually get the offer up to 400 steel and an agreement is made. We throw in the trapped box as well. Wulfe then makes a sign that I don’t quite understand but I notice that Ven copies it…. WTH is going on.

We head out and I manage to procure some new shoes and some jewellery for this evening. I unfortunately had some trouble procuring a shawl. The vendor (Treda) had the most elegant piece (+1 to Diplomacy) but unfortunately wanted too high a price. I ended up negotiating a trade. He loans the shawl for 30 steel and as collateral I give him the Green Magical Tome I found. I notice Ven looks shocked and perhaps it was a rash move but from my brief study of the book I know that it is not to be trifled with. I bluff and attempt to cast a ‘geas’ on him saying that if he or anyone attempts to open the book there will be consequences. He always states that if the shawl doesn’t return in the exact condition that it is in then I will forfeit the book. Certainly shady but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. If he betrays my good trust then he will pay.

Duzret and Fredrick are getting extremely bored with the whole experience and so I suspect we stop for morning tea and as we head out of the shawl vendor Fredrick notices Yru in the bazaar! We meet and head off to the nearest vendor.

While there Yru explains that he found the camp where his brother died (they left his head on a spike…), they have since moved on and he noticed multiple horse tracks leading away. He also found a battle site where a group of 10 red brands were killed. No enemy bodies but from the wounds and the foot marks he thinks they were creatures that use claws to walk and attack on!

One lead that Ven got from George the fruit vendor was Yandon’s biggest rival – a man by the name of Maurice who runs a trade emporium. We decide to check it out. I enter and strike up a conversation with Maurice and it seems that Yandon had a monopoly on the Fireheart and he would organize for adventuring group to go into the caverns along the beach. With Yandon’s disappearance an adventuring guild supplied by a group of merchants now fund expeditions to the fireheart. Unfortunately as the merchants fund the expeditions they take all the fireheart as payment and wages and whatever else is found is provided to the party. I raise the notion of someone funding their own expedition and Maurice states that while it is certainly possible, interest would be applied heavily to anyone that returned from such an expedition (i.e. you might get the fireheart but getting out of the city would be difficult).

He does give us a name though. If we do go to the adventuring hall, speak to Athard and tell him ‘Maurice sent you’.

With that we leave and as we step outside Yru is accosted by a gnome across the street. It seems Yru has met before and he applies that he has sized us up as a group of adventurers. Yru approaches to try and catch him and luckily the gnome trying to jump off the box he’s on falls on his face. I tell Yru to stand him up and I ask for his name. ‘It’s Dingo, sugar tits’. While Fredrick and Duzret smirk I step forward and backslap him across the face and he falls on the floor again. I ask him to explain his business and he says he has a map of the caverns and the location of the fireheart. He wants 50 steel for it. He say it is written in Dwarven and I look and Yru nods (so he can read Dwarven – good).

Sensing that I might be able to build a relationship with him, I offer him 5 steel now as a show of our interest in the map and that if he watches the shawl merchant and tells us of his actions and reports back to us in the morning during breakfast at the Happy Harpy we can discuss further the map. He jumps at the prospect and I see Ven nod his acceptance to the deal. Providing him 5 steel he quickly races to the nearest food vendor and purchases a pie and shovels it down. My suspicions are confirmed that he is poor and that his knowledge of the city might be useful. He leads us through some back alleys that avoid the main traffic of the bazaar and I show him the merchant. He takes up position and so we head back to the inn to prepare for tonight’s trip to the Gambling Boar.

I take advantage of the excellent service at the Happy Harpy and get the ‘pamper package’. Bath etc. and then pull out my expensive Ergothian dress and arrange the jewellery and shawl. I proceed down the stairs after about an hour and I notice that the others all look the same…. Honestly…


We proceed to the gambling boar and upon arriving I remove my outer cloak and I am at least pleased that some take notice of my arrival. Unfortunately these merchants seem to enjoy their gambling and with plenty of serving wenches around I don’t think I am going to be of much use here. I do make one thing important to the others – Don’t even think about attempting to cheat or steal anything.

Ven & Fredrick head for the tables and Duzret seems to be enjoying the drinks but Yru hangs close and acts more like my bodyguard. I am finally noticed by someone and escorted upstairs where I am introduced to Warrick the owner of the established. He is quite young and while he is receptive to my charms I can tell he’s cautious. I ask about Yandon and I instantly can tell from his expression that he knows something but unfortunately he doesn’t elaborate. He does grant me an opening account of 50 steel. I thank him graciously and return to the main floor. The place is packed and while the majority are male merchants there are some females and I’m happy to note that they all notice me and that I am the best dressed and looking of them all _.

I head over to the poker table where I engage in a promising game with a group of merchants. They unfortunately don’t seem to want to chat so I put my energy into remembering my lessons, at least this time I don’t have to let one of them win in attempt to ingratiate myself to them. Eventually it is down to an older merchant and I and I win the final hand claiming the 250 steel pot. He nods to me and the game ends. I hand over 50steel to the lead worker in this area and tell him to give Warrick my compliments for the account. He nods and I see that he is an honourable fellow and returns the money to the correct place.

Seeing this trip might have been a bit of a bust I stand up and move around. I see a large crowd has gathered around Fredrick and it seems he is on a winning streak. Just as I approach him I see him win big on the roulette table. He’s won 1000 steel!! He’s lost it (he’s probably a little drunk too) and he’s gloating and extremely loud. I notice one of the wenches attempt to move in and encourage him to bet more but I reach him first and manage to bring him to his senses by saying he can buy himself some new armour and a weapon with that money. He agrees and attempts to cash in. The Gambling Boar doesn’t have that amount of money on hand and gives him an I.O.U note signed by the owner.

Fredrick looks at me confused and I explain that he can cash that in tomorrow morning at a money lender and that it is as legitimate as having the 1000 steel pieces. He’s relieved and heads over to Duzret at the bar where they start to drink loudly in celebration.
Realizing that we probably haven’t made the best impression by winning big on our first visit I motion to Ven and he nods. I gather Yru, Duzret and Fredrick and we leave.

As we are outside we are met by a man who seems to know us. He implies that he hopes we aren’t encroaching on our territory without coming to see him first. I immediately consider that he is the owner of the Gambling Boar and he didn’t like that we won, but he confirms that Warrick is the owner and that it’s something else. Ven steps forward and states that we have no intention of encroaching and the man seems to accept that and he and his ‘cutthroats’ turn and leave. With that I swirl around and ask Ven what that was. He explains that he was a member of the thieves’ guild and just wanted to make sure we didn’t do anything.

Unimpressed with Ven’s explanation I turn and head back to the Inn with the group in toe. Upon arriving I decide to spend some our good luck around. I notice the surrey barkeep still on the bar. I throw down 20 steel and tell him the drinks for the inn are on me, due to my win at the Gambling Boar. He announces it to the inn and a cheer goes up all around.
Yru, Duzret and Fredrick decide to stay down here to celebrate. Ven and I head up and to my surprise I notice the same kender coming down the passage. We both grab him and enquiry about my key. He claims he doesn’t understand and checking his pockets we find a key but not to my original room but to room#6.

We send the kender on his way and Ven seems interested to check room#6. He knocks and attempts to see if anyone is inside. While he’s there at the door I hear footsteps coming from the stairs. Warning him ‘Ven I’m off, I’ll see you in the morning’, as I’m about to enter my room I see a large Ergothian man come and we nod. He heads to room#6 and it seems that he is the one who unfortunately met the kender and he has to go down to the barkeep to get another key. I enter my room and make sure to put the shawl away for tomorrow.

I awake and dress as a merchant again and proceed downstairs. I see Ven, Fredrick and Yru are already down. I greet them and it looks like Fredrick and Yru didn’t go too heavy last night. As my breakfast comes over I see Duzret come down and he doesn’t look well. Yru offers him some hot breakfast and he has to run to the nearest window and throw up (yuck).

While we are sitting down Dingo turns up and I organize breakfast for him. He explains that the merchant didn’t take my advice to heart. He brought in some mage and the mage attempted to break the Sigel and ended up getting zapped and is now unconscious. I’m admittedly alarmed as this is my fault. Dingo continues and says that the merchant gave the book to a friend of his who is holding it at his cart and that he has hired a guard at the stall. He’s going to attempt to shake us down. I’m immediately upset and want to head there and deal with this but Ven says we will go see the merchant holding the book first as we might be able to get it back first.

We also discuss the map and Dingo produces it. Yru looks it over and it seems it’s older than what we thought. It’s also been copied and unfortunately there is conflicting information on it. Yru still thinks it’s worth buying and Dingo confirms that there is one that the adventuring hall gives to parties that is different to this. Yen agrees and they pay Dingo the remaining 45steel.

We then get Dingo to take us to this merchant. He’s got it under his stall and he’s constantly looking around.

I organize for Dingo and myself to act as two different distractions while Yen goes to steal it.
We originally seem to be doing ok but Ven seems to take a long time. I eventually manage to get the merchants full attention by implying that the dress I am trying on is stuck. With that Ven gets the book and I purchase the outfit for 20silver.

With the book back I’m ready to go confront the merchant but Ven warns me to just see what his game is. I enter and I start out quite brazen questioning the bodyguard and mentioning thieves and he agrees. I tell him I have the shawl and am ready to exchange my book back. He then attempts to say there is a mark on the shawl and that as per our agreement I will forfeit the book. I start to get hostile and he seems willing to continue this charade. Deciding that I’ll get more satisfaction knowing he’ll find out soon enough I barter for the red velvet cover of it back and the merchant agrees quickly thinking he’s won. I keep the shawl and tell him that I am disappointed and wont shop here again. I leave with the others and Ven congratulates me for playing that so well.

I return the book to the red velvet case and ask if we can go to the Doctor to check on the fireheart (also I want to see this wizard).

Dingo gives us directions while I tell him to remain and let us know what happens with the merchant. We proceed to the street he told us and we find a large set of huts setup with a red cross on the side. I head in with Ven and Yru where we are met by a nurse (who looks battered), I tell her that I would like to see the wizard who came in last night. She doesn’t seem to understand who I’m talking about and calls over the doctor. The doctor introduces himself as Dr No and he is a no nonsense fellow I can tell. He asks if I’m related to the individual and I tell him the truth that I am not and explain that I might be able to help. He asks if I’m one of those tower wizards and I don’t quite understand what that means but also tell him no. He looks at me sceptically and I explain that the book was in my possession and the merchant was holding it as collateral and that I warned him not to attempt to open and that I might be able to help.

He explains that he does not want me going near my patient and that a seeker by the name of Brother Jason is currently praying with him. Not wanting to get near the seeker I do ask if I can return later and the Dr gives me a shrug (which doesn’t seem promising). He does provide us some information about the fireheart though. It seems there are two thieves’ guilds in the city. One called Spectre (which is a pseudo-merchant group) that controls the fireheart trade. They are aggressive and it seems they might have been responsible for Yandon’s disappearance. The others are more a standard thieves’ guild – The sleepers. I wasn’t paying that much attention but luckily Ven got their information.

I plant the notion that if we do get some fireheart I would be willing to sell it to the doctor and for the first time he doesn’t look at me with complete mistrust, now I’m slight less than complete mistrust.

With that I wish him well and we leave. Fredrick finally asks if we can go get his armour and we go cash in his IOU with the money lender and then proceed back to the bazaar. Along the way Dingo comes back and explains that the merchants ended up meeting after realizing that the book was gone and they both head off after a heated discussion. During this time Fredrick has gone past several armourers before finally arriving at a large fellow that has a wonderful set of plate. Fredrick has no haggling skills and just agrees to the price of 300 steel, but he at least gets agreement to size it up and everything. As he puts it on I notice an emblem on it. I recognise it as a Knight of Solmania and so I tell that to Fredrick (as a warning as I know they don’t like non-knights wearing their armour). He looks at it and then suddenly he changes and he launches at the armourer. Before Yru and Durzret can stop him he’s punched the armourer 4-5 times and he’s badly hurt. Yru pulls of Fredrick and hands him to Durzret who holds him while he calms down. I get Yru to bring the armourer inside and Ven closes the shades.

Knowing that I will be discovered I can only hope this won’t end well. I begin my song and with the words the armourer’s badly damage face heals until it only looks like he’s been hit once in the eye. I turn around and I see that three people noticed. Ven, Yru and Dingo. Dingo looks the most shocked but the others don’t seem to be that bad.



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